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Features of the DASH T11.
In addition to basic tracking which displays vehicle status; parked, idling, driving, vehicle battery voltage, location with address, street view, standard map, hybrid view, geo-fence, you can:
• View detailed history, showing route of vehicle with speed, stops, geo-fence (in/out) and idling. History can be viewed on a map or in a document. This information can be generated as a report that can be downloaded or sent by email.
• When installing the supplied relay, you can remotely disable/enable the ignition (kill switch) to prevent vehicle to be started (optional installation). Can be done from phone APP, any portable device or desktop. No distance limit.
• Door lock system allows you to remotely lock/unlock vehicle. Can be done from phone APP, any portable device or desktop. No distance limit. This feature is extremely useful for rental fleets, allowing access to vehicles without you being present.
• CAN wiring provides you with actual odometer reading and fuel gauge status.
• SOS button instantly notifies registered phone of incident.
• Alarm/horn can be triggered remotely by wiring white wire (#10 -) to horn.
• PTO wiring provides you with status of any accessory you choose to monitor, such as, school bus flashers, sirens, door opening, lift gate, etc. When triggered, action can be viewed in real-time on map or generated in a report.
• Optional sensor accurately measures REEFER temperature and displays it online.
• Notifications (via SMS or email) include: ignition, speeding, geo-fence, towing, low battery, power disconnect, excessive idling, PTO, SOS, and temperature.
• Create a temporary link to share with renter/employee to lock/unlock vehicle remotely from APP.
• Share location.
• Navigate.
• Search location.
• Create a temporary security fence.
• Generate a multitude of reports; history, notifications, mileage, IFTA, fuel usage (with CAN wires installed), driver behavior, payroll. Most reports can be automated and be emailed to multiple recipients.

  • WIDE COVERAGE: Our customized SIM card operates on AT&T and T-Mobile 4G/LTE networks simultaneously, with the option to provision SIM card for worldwide service. Monitor your vehicle on your computer, or on mobile via iOS or Android-compatible app.
  • IDEAL FOR TURO & RENTAL FLEETS: Our unique remote door lock/unlock feature is specifically designed to enable the host to give the renter access to the vehicle without being present.
  • SUPER PRECISE TRACKING AND DETAILED REPORTS: Get up-to-the-minute tracking of your car or device’s location and routes using external GPS and GSM antennas. Perfect for tracking new drivers, teenagers, employees, deliveries, and for anti-theft purposes.
  • MONITOR ANY ACCESSORY: When connecting the PTO wiring you can track the activity of virtually any accessory in your vehicle; i.e. monitor activity of your emergency vehicle lights, or your lawnmower’s activity & much more!
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: With our “no questions asked” refund policy you can feel confident with your purchase from TrackmateGPS. Friendly customer support is ready to assist you with any issues. We guarantee you will get the best tracking tool for your vehicle!

-Real time tracking
-Google and OpenStreetMaps with option of “hybrid” and street view. (where its available)
-Live, up to the minute traffic conditions
-Automatic refresh map, see the vehicle moving in real time
-Multiple small individual maps for multiple vehicles
-Optional mini-antennas for on-dash use
-Geo fencing alerts (when unit enters or leaves designated area)
-Speed alerts -Inactivity alerts (when unit didn’t move within pre-set time period)
-Power supply failure alert
-Color coded vehicle icons (automatically change colors according to status)
-Send alerts to: multiple Email, sms, computer screen
-Full year history with turn by turn animated playback
-Unit filter- select only vehicles you want to track now
-Unlimited users-Choice of default maps
-Export reports to excel
-View all activity from anywhere with any Web enabled device
-Seven day free trial period
-Personalized customer service at no additional charge
-Device guaranteed as long as service is maintained
-Internal back-up battery provides up to 6 hours of tracking
-Programmed to operate worldwide (with some restrictions).
-Eye appealing and user friendly, state of the art tracking platform
-Full screen viewing area
-Remote management of device for rebooting and troubleshooting
-Compact, sturdy metal construction
-Choice of visible or hidden geo-fences


Power Supply: +9v --- +40v / 1.5A
Rechargeable polymer lithium-ion battery:
Temperature Durability: up to 176°F (80°C)
Working Current: 60mA - 100mA
Dimension: 4.8×3.6×1.25in (23×92×32mm)
Weight: 5.3oz (150g)
Operating Temperature: -22° to 176° F ( -30° to 80° C)
Bands: LTE FDD:B2/B4/B12
GPS Module: GT1612-MT/ATGM332D
GPS Sensitivity: -165dBm
Receiver Type: 50 Channels | GPS L1 frequency, C/A Code | SBAS: WAAS, EGNOS, MSAS
Horizontal Position Accuracy: GPS 2.5 m | SBAS 2.0 m | SBAS + PPP7 < 1 m (2D, R50)8) | SBAS + PPP7 < 2 m (3D, R50)8
Velocity Accuracy: 0.1 m/s
Reacquisition: 1 sec., average
Heading Accuracy: 0.5 degrees
Button: One SOS Button supported
Transmission Power: ≤10dBm
DeviceModelWiseSharedLinkAvailable DASH 3G,DASH T11

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