Fleet Inquiry

Our tracker operates on both, the AT&T and T-Mobile networks combined. Our devices automatically detects the strongest signal for ultimate transmissions.

When used with the correct SIM card, our tracker is operational worldwide. Refer to the list of countries on our website where our SIM cards are compatible.

Since it is a fairly simple, 3 wire installation, any handy person, with the correct tools can install it in about 30 to 45 minutes. You can also find a selection of YouTube clips showing you step by step installation instructions. You’ll spend probably $50 to $80 when you have it installed professionally (our clients report that Best Buy charges about $50 and offers very professional service)

In most cars it should be fine, however, prior to installing it permanently,you should test it, to see if your tracking works correctly.

Behind glove compartment, under front or rear dash board (ideal), behind radio, inside headrest, inside light compartment, inside front or rear bumper. Installing under hood is not recommended because of extreme temperatures in warm weather.

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