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  • Wiley Coyote

    I installed the original Dash tracking unit on a side-bt-side I have. The vehicle remains at a rental property unattended for months at a time. I wanted a way to track it's whereabouts in case of unauthorized use or theft. I was having battery drainage issues with my first unit, so I contacted Trackmategps and they had a newer replacement that was an easy swap for the original. The nice benefit was a sleep mode option that would not drain the battery when left for long periods without moving. This new model seems to be the right one for me. Both models have nice interfacing software, ability to add 'fences' to alert me when it's on the move, etc. Their help department responded to a question I emailed them after regular working hours, on a weekend no less. If it continues to work without any issues, I'll upgrade my rating to 5 stars in a few months. Thanks trackmategps for my peace of mind that my property is where I expect it to be when I can't be around to watch it myself! On a side note, the original unit took about 2-3 weeks to drain a motorcycle sized battery, so this would probably not be an issue for most users who use a vehicle at least a couple times a month, or vehicles with larger car sized batteries.

  • Quino Chin-A-Lien

    Our business is based on Curacao located in the Netherlands Antilles and the system works flawlessly out here. What is really great that a working data SIM is provided with the unit and this saved us the inconvenience of having to get local data subscriptions. The installation was also very straightforward and can be done by anyone with basic electrical installation skills.

  • kristin zangla

    Amazingly my cars are now driving the speed limit. You will flip your lid the first time you install this. AND if you don't want to know the truth then don't buy it. Its not fun at first. And then there's the web interface, the customer support and the peace of mind knowing where your equipment is at any time. If you have the means to buy it you will not be disappointed. Your staff WILL be disappointed. You get up to the minute locations, generous history playback on the map even on my base plan, all stops durations and times, email and or text during over speed limit infractions, fence violations and way more features than I needed... plus battery voltage indicator so you can replace your car battery before it dies. That alone is peace of mind. The unit also has a small internal battery in case a wise driver finds it and unplugs it. I put mine in the dash and laced it into the wiring harness and it took me a few hours to get the dash apart and find a nice home for it

  • L. DeVille

    TrackmateGPS Dash tracker is an accurate device. You can set boundaries, speed limits, time of stops, etc and receive messages when they are crossed or exceeded. I chose the 30 sec update plan and for my purposes it is quite sufficient. The device gives me peace of mind when my college student is traveling to school and back. Should something happen on the road I know exactly where the car is located to send help or travel there. Customer service/support is excellent. The original unit was installed on a vehicle that was totaled in a head-on collision with a tree. The device still functioned but the damage precluded removing the device from under the dash. I received a replacement unit to install in a new vehicle quickly after reporting the accident. The device can be installed by automotive shop or anyone with proper tools and knowledge of wiring harness of vehicle. Automotive shops install within an hour

  • Dave S.

    This unit works very well for real time tracking, viewing history and is very accurate to a few feet. I am very happy with my purchases, I have 2 units and is planning on getting 2 more. Customer service is excellent as well.

  • Paresh Patel

    Trackmate GPS is a perfect device for any vehicle. I have installed it in all of my cars and have benefited tremendously. It allows me to guide my drivers when they are lost even though they have the GPS on their dashboard. The tracking report allows me to suppprt our services provided to our clients. I am very happy with it except for some occasional hiccups when it stalls and not report. I would recommend this product to anyone. Easy to install and configure.

  • FQRobert

    We have purchased 4 of these for a small, local use only, fleet that we operate. Installation is very simple and it works very well. Overall we are very pleased with the product and its ease of use. A minor item is the lack of documentation but I've called customer service a few times and they are very very helpful. You can track your vehicle(s) on a computer, tablet, or smartphone. For smartphones an App would be a nice addition. Overall this is good value and the monthly fees are reasonable.

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