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You’ll find that our platform provides the most eye pleasing tracking experience.

Real time tracking

Automatic refresh map, see the vehicle moving in real time


Speed alerts, Geo fencing alerts (when unit enters or leaves designated area), inactivity alerts (when unit didn't move within pre-set time period) and power supply failure alert (when device is disconnected or device detects abnormal vehicle voltage fluctuation/alternator not charging). Send alerts to: multiple Email, sms, platform


Wide selection of user friendly reports such as total mileage traveled, maximum speed, average speed, hours of operation, idling duration, etc. Detailed travel report, listing all stops with duration and address. Fuel usage reports.


Historical review with animation playback on map or detailed report listing time when vehicle was started, turned off, street address, speed, direction, etc.


Sub-accounts feature for limited access.

Create groups

Group feature for creating various categories, based on your individual requirements, such as vehicle type, branch locations, etc. Same vehicle can belong to several groups.

Friendly Support

Users can report an issue from the app.

Choice of four monthly plans.

Saver Plan, 5 minute updates while moving and every 30 minute when stationary

Basic plan, 60 second updates while moving and every 30 minute when stationary

Premium Plan, 30 second updates while moving and every 30 minute when stationary

Platinum Plan, 3 second updates while moving and every 30 minute when stationary

Units sold in the US are supplied with a SIM card that operate in the US, Canada and these 27 European countries at the listed fees.
Austria Belglum Bulgaria Croatia Cyprus
Czech Republic Denmark Estonia Finland France
Germany Greece Hungary Iceland Italy
Latvia Liechtenstein Lithuania Luxembourg Malta
Netherlands Norway Poland Portugal Republic of Ireland
Romania Slovakia Slovenia Spain Sweden
Switzerland United Kingdom
These additional 18 countries carry an additional $5 monthly surcharge (available on the Basic and Premium plans)
Albania Australia Belarus Bosnia and Herzegovina Gibraltar
Guadeloupe Hong Kong Israel Macedonia Moldova
Montenegro Russia Serbia Singapore South Africa
Taiwan Turkey Ukraine