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Frequently asked question

1 - What are the advantages of TrackmateGPS over the competition?

1) Great value, no contract (we’re confident you’ll stay with us for as long as you’ll need tracking)
2) User friendly tracking website, very simple and straightforward.
3) No hidden fees ever.
4) Many unique features.
5) Customized solutions on request.
6) Personalized customer service.

2 - How do I know if your tracker will work in my area?

Our tracker operates on both, the AT&T and T-Mobile networks combined. Our devices automatically detects the strongest signal for ultimate transmissions.

3 - Is your tracker operational outside of the US?

When used with the correct SIM card, our tracker is operational worldwide. Refer to the list of countries on our website where our SIM cards are compatible.

4 - Can I install the device myself or do I have to have it installed by a professional?
Since it is a fairly simple, 3 wire installation, any handy person, with the correct tools can install it in about 30 to 45 minutes. You can also find a selection of YouTube clips showing you step by step installation instructions. You’ll spend probably $50 to $80 when you have it installed professionally (our clients report that Best Buy charges about $50 and offers very professional service)
5 - Can I install the tracker in the trunk?
In most cars it should be fine, however, prior to installing it permanently, you should test it, to see if your tracking works correctly.
6 - Which are the ideal installation locations in the vehicle?
Behind glove compartment, under front or rear dash board (ideal), behind radio, inside headrest, inside light compartment, inside front or rear bumper. Installing under hood is not recommended because of extreme temperatures in warm weather.
7 - Can I view a demo before purchasing the tracker?
Sure, we actually offer two demos, the first one with a single vehicle and the second one with several vehicles. You’ll find the log-in info on our homepage.
8 - Can this device and service operate in Australia?

Yes. Just replace the SIM card that comes with the device , with a local one, from any local mobile service provider, and it will work just fine.

9 - Does the device alert or make sounds that the driver will notice?

No sounds at all !!

10 - Is it easy to use the data from the GPS tracker for a customized app? We'd like to customize our own app that tracks our cars.

We actually have an API available to integrate our tracking with your own software. Please feel to contact us at support@trackmateGPS.com

11 - What kind of pricing can you get if you have 20 cars?

For every 10 devices purchased, you'll receive a free device. When subscribing to the premium plan, we'll upgrade to 20 seconds updates.

12 - Where can someone go to get this installed? I'm planning to get this for theft recovery instead of LoJack

Any car electrical mechanic that can install car alarms. Car cd players etc. The know the wiring process best

13 - How do you install it? Does it have to be professionally installed?

It does not need to be professionally installed but you do need some knowledge of automobile electrical systems. If you don't feel comfortable, I am sure a car stereo place would do it pretty cheaply.

14 - Does this device report speeding? erratic driving? etc?


15 - Is the antenna visible or can it be hidden?

It has two antennas, both can be placed under hood toward grill

16 - Does it require a monthly service fee?

SAVER: $9 (5 minute update interval)
BASIC: $16 (60 seconds update interval)
PREMIUM: $23 (30 seconds update interval)
PLATINUM: $30 (3 seconds update interval)

17 - Does this have the ability to store the track either in the web or in the devise, I want to know where the truck went without watching is all day.

The information is stored on the website. You have the ability to click on history or get a report of where your truck was at any time of day. You don't need to watch it all day.

18 - how do you power this device ?

This device gets hardwired to the vehicle with wires provided in the packaging. Should be professionally installed...unless your very handy

19 - Do you need a sim card that has to be insert into a cell/smart phone. I have an iPhone, so no place to insert a sim card. Will this work for me?

No , no card required.

20 - Hello. I live in Venezuela and I don't want to pay a monthly fee. Could I use a local GSM SIM instead and have free tracking ?

In order to be able to track you have to register and pay a monthly fee, however, since you provide your own SIM, the fee is discounted, depending on the plan you choose. These are the discounts:  SAVER: $2.00   BASIC: $3.00  PREMIUM: $4.00  PLATINUM: $5.00 

21 - Does this connect directly to a car battery or tie in somewhere else?

It is connected directly to the car battery, and it consumes very low power. It doesn't affect the battery.

22 - Would this work for a larger agricultural tractor?

The size of the vehicle doesn't matter. Just place the device in a suitable place away from any extra heat sources. And make sure the antenna can receive clear signal.

23 - Where can I get more information for use outside the US?

Our GPS trackers operate worldwide. You just have to provide your own local SIM card with data and SMS enabled.

24 - How do you wire it to an AC compressor and does unit work if wires are cut? Trying to protect units as they get stolen often. Thanks

Very simple. Just wire the tracker to a small 110V to 12V AC/DC transformer. The tracker has an internal backup battery that will provide appr. 6 hours of tracking after power is cut off. You can design a geo-fence around area where compressor is located to be notified by SMS or email in the event it is moved out of its designated area. You can also receive a notification when the power is cut off. Ideal solution!

25 - can it be hidden from the driver?

It can be set up to be completely hidden.

26 - Does it require an active cellular service sim?

Nothing additional is needed. Just install go online activate and choose your subscription plan.

27 - Is this device waterproof? I plan to install it on my motorcycle. Thanks.

This one is not. However you can contact the company directly for other options.

28 - Since this store the tracking in a website, is possible to send the track information to a different one like my home computer?

You can see real time tracking from any computer with internet.

30 - I understand that GPS send the position to a server like remoteserver:9090 there is way to change this address?

It works only on this particular server.

31 - does it require any GSM or other cellular Data plan to work?

Everything that is needed to operate in the US is included.

32 - Does device require open air space, or can it be concealed in trunk or under vehicle?

It can be placed anywhere. They just suggest that it be placed inside the cab or trunk. Not in the engine compartment however due to the heat.

33 - Does the unit need to be mounted in the trunk of a car and still have good enough reception?

That should not be a problem. Just position the antenna in a location without metal obstruction.

34 - are you guys can ship to Toronto canada and what is shipping cost?

We do ship to Toronto and charge the post office fees plus a $3.00 handling fee.

35 - I see there is an external GPS antenna. Where does this go? Can it be hidden under the dash and still work?

It surely can!

36 - Does this system work in Puerto Rico? All mobile phone carriers (AT&T, T Mobile, Verizon, have local service and calls are included in national plans).

It surely does! You don't even have to buy a new SIM card, the one that is provided with the device will work fine, at no extra charge!

37 - Does this tracker have a app for smart phones..so you can track with your phone..if your vehicle is stolen you can find it

Yes we have an app available for Android and iOS. Just search for trackmategps in the Play Store or App Store. In the event the app fails for your device, you can log in to the tracking platform on our website using your phone's browser in order to track (for phone browsers we recommend Google Chrome which can be downloaded in the App Store for iOS as well). 

38 - Does this device work in Africa?

It works anyplace that has GSM coverage! The tracker is supplied with a SIM card for the US. In the event you'd like to operate it in a different country, you'll have to supply your own, local SIM card. The SIM card you need only needs small amounts of data for average user, with the device set to transmit every 60 seconds. If data is expensive in your country, we can reprogram your device remotely to transmit less frequently. You'll receive a $5.00 monthly discount if you provide your own SIM card. I hope your question was answered in a clear manner.

39 - Please this gps tracker works in Brazil?

We currently have very satisfied customers in Brazil. Just read the comments from Fabio under customer reviews.

40 - would this work on a sailboat?

Sure, as long as you're not too far from shore. You have to be within cell coverage.

41 - Can this unit be turned off if I wished to do so.

No. There is an internal battery in the tracker that will supply power even if the battery supply was disconnected. Only solution to stop tracking would be to take out SIM card but that may cause problems.

42 - Can I keep the unit installed and not pay for a subscription, and pay for a subscription if the vehicle goes missing?

Yes, you can. However, you can only activate the device during business hours. In the event you want to track immediately, you'll be delayed until the office re-opens.

43 - Does it work in Mexico? which is consumption data per day at intervals of 60 seconds

It works perfectly in Mexico. Data consumption is minimal. 30-40 MB per month based on about 5 hours driving per day.

44 - Is there a limited range that this unit will track? Would it still track if the vehicle is moved out of state?

Been using this platform for some time now..working like a charm. Improved my companies efficiency. It tracks wherever there is cell service/towers or satellite connection. It definitely works from state to state. .I think all over USA

45 - How is this Unit powered? I don't see any plugs for power in the pictures.

It connects directly to the vehicle 12-24V power