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Why move to 3G?

Through the beginning of 2017, AT&T and T-Mobile covered the United States with 2G service. Our GPS tracking devices were programmed to roam on both networks, which gave us excellent service with minor gaps in coverage. This year, AT&T shut down their 2G network, with T-Mobile remaining the sole provider of 2G service. In addition, T-Mobile announced that they’re planning to shut their 2G network around 2020. The AT&T closure caused the coverage area to be greatly reduced and major gaps in coverage started occurring. Customers mainly noticed this when they are outside of major metropolitan areas. To ensure that we could provide the best experience possible to our customers, we launched a line of 3G products. Our new 3G tracking devices offer significantly greater reliability by simultaneously transmitting via AT&T and T-Mobile cell towers. The 3G devices deliver higher speeds of transmission between the device and servers, and better coverage with fewer possible gaps in coverage. 3G devices will be operational for the foreseeable future.

Why TrackmateGPS

Since we started operating ten years ago, we’ve become the trusted provider for thousands of satisfied clients. Our policies of NO CONTRACT and NO HIDDEN FEES have gained us a loyal following of both local and worldwide customers. Furthermore, we didn't raise any of our tracking fees in the last 5 years! To the contrary, we added our SAVER plan to make our system even more affordable. We provide unsurpassed U.S.- based customer service and guaranteed satisfaction. The product lineup contains a diverse array of devices for our clients’ varied needs. Our unique feature of roaming between various carriers gives our tracking devices an immeasurable advantage over most other tracking devices. Our TOP-RATED dynamic platform is especially designed to be user friendly and filled with many unique and useful features.

Buying TrackmateGPS is buying with confidence! TrackmateGPS is the only GPS tracking company in the US with "5 STAR" rating. Join the thousands of satisfied customers and find out first hand why we are TOP RATED for the LAST 3 CONSECUTIVE YEARS!

  • Helped parents keep their teen drivers safe by setting alerts if they exceed a pre-set speed limit.
  • Saved millions of dollars for companies by keeping track of employees on the road.
  • Limited the trouble that young drivers can get into by allowing parents to know where
  • they are with their new privilege of driving.
  • Helped recover stolen vehicles within a matter of hours.
  • Latest release, our top of the line 3G DASH vehicle tracker with expanded coverage!
  • Thousands of satisfied customers worldwide.
  • Top rated for 3 consecutive years.

Key Features


Real time tracking

Automatic refresh map, see the vehicle moving in real time


Speed alerts, Geo fencing alerts (when unit enters or leaves designated area), inactivity alerts (when unit didn't move within pre-set time period) and power supply failure alert (when device is disconnected or device detects abnormal vehicle voltage fluctuation/alternator not charging). Send alerts to: multiple Email, sms, platform


Wide selection of user friendly reports such as total mileage traveled, maximum speed, average speed, hours of operation, idling duration, etc. Detailed travel report, listing all stops with duration and address. Fuel usage reports.


Historical review with animation playback on map or detailed report listing time when vehicle was started, turned off, street address, speed, direction, etc.


Sub-accounts feature for limited access.

Create groups

Group feature for creating various categories, based on your individual requirements, such as vehicle type, branch locations, etc. Same vehicle can belong to several groups.

Friendly Support

Users can report an issue from the app.

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